Asus VS239H-J 23-inch Full HD LED Monitor Review

Asus VS239H-J Review

By dispatching the ASUS VC239H, ASUS is tapping that segment of the market that is value cognizant and still needs to have a screen that offers them perhaps the best element accessible in top-of-the-line screens. As you will peruse our survey, you will perceive what are the focuses where ASUS VC239H dominates the most and what are the things wherein it lingers behind so you will settle on an educated choice dependent on your inclination when taking a gander at this ASUS IPS Monitor.

Asus VS239H-J 23-inch Full HD LED Monitor Review

Regularly, a screen is that piece of the framework that is least extravagant as far as looks. In any case, ASUS has broken this generalization by presenting ASUS VC239H – a 23-inch IPS screen that has thin bezels, a surprising body, and a matte showcase, giving it a dapper look and extraordinary presence in a work area. In addition, ASUS VC239H doesn’t settle on highlights and incorporates the absolute most recent showcase advances including eye care and glimmer-free innovation. What’s more, the best part about ASUS VC239H? It’s really modest. Right now, ASUS VC239H is quite possibly the most reasonable IPS screen at present accessible on the lookout.

Notwithstanding, with such countless highlights and extraordinary spotlight on plan feel, ASUS VC239H has a few disadvantages. With such a thin plan and nearly bezel-less screen, there’s no space for an inside PSU in this ASUS IPS Monitor. In this manner, clients need to manage the outer PSU that takes after a great deal like a PC’s force connector. ASUS VC239H has underlying speakers yet they are available only for an additional element.

What’s Included in the Package

The retail package includes the ASUS VC239H 23-inch IPS monitor, DVI cable, VGA cable, audio cable, power cord, power adapter, and quick-start guide.

Technical Specifications

  • Panel Backlight / Type: In-Plane Switching
  • Panel Size: Wide Screen 23.0″(58.4cm) 16:9
  • True Resolution: 1920×1080
  • Stereo Speakers: 1.5W x 2 Stereo RMS
  • Response Time: 5ms
  • Contrast Ratio (Max): 1000:1
  • I/O Ports: HDMI, VGA, DVI
  • Advanced eye care feature with Blue Light Filter & Flicker Free
  • GamePlus, QuickFit modes

IPS Panels are in every case path in front of standard TN boards in practically all viewpoints. The same goes for the ASUS VC239H 23-inch IPS screen. The screen has amazing survey points and has incredible shading multiplication capacity which likewise helps in accomplishing extraordinary dark levels and showing profundity of more obscure tones on the screen. Generally speaking, the shading exactness is right on target.

ASUS VC239H has 8 preset modes, 3 skin-tone modes, and 4 shading temperature modes to look over. This gives clients various setups to give based a shot of what they are seeing on the screen. With such an assortment of arrangements accessible, the screen can be tuned for practically any situation – gaming, watching films, realistic planning, or just content editing. The standard model on the ASUS VC239H somewhat expands the difference apportion from 1000:1 to 1115:1 at the expense of by and large shading exactness. Nonetheless, this compromise genuinely sparkles when watching motion pictures or pictures on the screen. Games or film scenes where there are faint lights and dull conditions, ASUS VC239H handles them quite well.

In any case, while running the PassMark MonitorTest device, it was seen that on the lower right piece of the screen, there is a recognizable measure of sparkle when there is a hazier picture opened on the screen or if the screen is being utilized in a room with no light. In any case, it was just announced by not many individuals so this could be only a model-explicit issue.

Build and Comfort

Slight bezels, thin plan, and non-VESA mount make ASUS VC239H a beautiful lightweight screen to have. Very much like the screen, the rear of the screen includes a matte completion too. Not at all like the ASUS VX239H, which is practically like ASUS VC239H regarding primary highlights and has a quite good-looking stand, ASUS VC239H has the customary-looking one.

The catches on the ASUS VC239H are situated underneath the showcase board. ASUS went with the actual fastens rather than sensor catches where you need to put your finger explicitly at the sensor spot to trigger the capacity of the catch of this ASUS IPS Monitor..

Since ASUS VC239H has a typical base/stand which must be shifted to and fro. We have seen that a significant huge number of IPS screens have VESA mounts. Dell UltraSharp IPS show accompany these mounts as they support a wide range of development – to and fro, all over and can even change the direction of the screen to representation. There are VESA mounting openings at the back on the off chance that anybody needs to divider mount the screen or utilize a secondary selling VESA mount.

Additional items

Additional items are normally those highlights or innovations that every producer brings into their own arrangement of items and guarantee to upgrade the efficiency and by and large nature of their item. ASUS VC239H has not many such highlights to flaunt.

The first is the ASUS Eye Care innovation. As per ASUS, with the assistance of this innovation, they save the watcher from enduring CVS or also called Computer Vision Syndrome. Generally, every screen producer has a comparative plan however with an alternate name. If there should be an occurrence of ASUS, they have clarified quite well how it functions and what’s so extraordinary about it.

The subsequent one is the ASUS Flicker-Free innovation. Since these IPS Panels utilize LED-illuminated to illuminate the presentation, clients can encounter screen flashing a ton when the showcase is on low splendor settings as the LEDs quickly goes on and off to keep a particular brilliance level. ASUS Flicker-Free innovation utilizes Smart Dynamic Backlight Adjustment to lessen this screen gleaming, giving a smooth and open to survey insight to a client.

Another incredible element in the ASUS VC239H is the GamePlus include. This element is typically found in the ASUS ROG Swift gaming show screens. GamePlus work empowers an OSD crosshair and clock capacities while playing a game. With the assistance of this element, clients can follow the hour of produce and assemble the season of various units utilizing the on-screen clock. An incredible worth-added highlight for individuals who need to utilize ASUS VC239H for gaming.


ASUS VC239H is one of those restricted IPS screens that don’t have a DisplayPort nor a USB port. It incorporates 1x HDMI Port, 1x DVI-D Port, 1x VGA port, and 1x 3.5mm sound port for utilizing the screen’s inward speakers. Individuals who are going for a single screen arrangement won’t miss the DisplayPort. Nonetheless, for a triple screen show, DisplayPort helps a great deal.

Individuals as a rule overlook the significance of a Dual-connect DVI port. Since ASUS VC239H has it, you can likewise utilize it with your MacBook or even with comfort like Xbox One or PS4 also.


  • Low input lag
  • Slim bezels
  • Less motion blur
  • Matte Display
  • VGA, DVI, HDMI Auxiliary, and Power cables included
  • Great value


  • Speakers not effective
  • Flimsy stand
  • External PSU
  • No height-adjustable stand

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