ASUS VE247H Gaming Monitor Review

ASUS VE247H Gaming Monitor Review

Gamers across the world think about ASUS and its line of value gaming screens. ASUS has made another screen that gamers make certain to add to that rundown. Surveys across the web concur that this contribution from ASUS is an incredible expansion to the ASUS group of presentations. This survey will take a gander at the screen and check whether it merits all the publicity on the web.

ASUS VE247H Gaming Monitor Review

To start this survey, we will take a gander at the plan of this showcase from ASUS. The ASUS VE247H is a perfectly planned presentation that includes a matte dark completion. The showcase gauges 6.80kg and measures 22.42 inches x 16.13 inches x 7.91 inches. This screen isn’t however thin or light as different shows yet it could be not excessively cumbersome and clients won’t object to its size. This model from ASUS is a 23.6-inch LCD backdrop illumination screen. The screen has a 10 million to 1 ASUS Smart Contrast Ratio. It is 1080p Full HD. The screen includes a bursting quick 2ms reaction time., 16:9 perspective proportion, 16.7 million tones, 300 cd/m², 50-76 Hz vertical invigorate rate, 83 kHz flat revive rate and a 0.272mm pixel pitch. Clients will discover the control catches on the front under the bezel. There are a few distinctive network choices on the rear of the bureau. The stand that comes included with this screen from ASUS is solid. Clients won’t need to stress over wobble if the screen or work area it is setting on inadvertently knocks.


Gamers will adore the quick reaction season of this screen. The screen delivers almost no tearing while at the same time playing high-goal games with the sync killed. There was next to no tearing with the high res when sync was turned on. Gamers will likewise cherish the way that they won’t encounter any ghosting with this screen from ASUS.

At the point when gamers first turn this screen on to utilize it they will likely think it is excessively brilliant with the 300cd pinnacle splendor. The beneficial thing is the client can change the brilliance and the differentiation for an ideal review. Gamers will likewise adore the way that they can shift or turn the screen easily. They will likewise consider the nature of the full HD content because of the perspective proportion and goal. The ASCR (ASUS Smart Contrast Ratio) consequently changes the backdrop illumination’s luminance to reasonably portray night scenes in films, games, and other media.

Video Technology

Very much like they generally appear to do, ASUS has remembered Splendid Video innovation for this screen. This stunning expansion from ASUS implies that the showcase includes a committed video processor that uses a shading motor that will naturally upgrade the picture quality with sharpness amendments, canny brilliance, sharpness adjustments, differentiation, and shading to give the best gaming experience, film playback, and picture seeing conceivable. Because of the way that his screen from ASUS is an LCD illuminated screen, splendor and shading immersion are improved. This implies that gamers will encounter less eye weakness and the force utilization is additionally diminished to under 35w. Force saving mode can be empowered to under 1w yet execution endures radically. The showcase is additionally more eco-friendly than different choices in the commercial center. This screen meets and surpasses Energy Star 5.o rules since it has no parts made of mercury, lead, or halogen.

Consistent with life Pictures Powered by LED

10 million to 1 Asus Smart Contrast Ratio: This progressively upgrades the showcase contrast. This is accomplished by changing the luminance of the backdrop illumination. This outcome is the most splendid whites and the haziest blacks produce fresh similar symbolism.


  • Very Fast
  • Vibrant Colours
  • Plenty Connectivity Options


  • Price
  • A little bulkier than other monitors in the market

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